Packing list for a 7 day Manu jungle trip

Check the exact weather forecast for the month you are going; however it is likely to be hot, humid and with a fair number of mosquitos. For the time we went (beginning of May), we can recommend the list below.


Prefer shirts and pants that are made from insect-shield material OR pre-impregnated with anti-bug spray. Careful, synthetic fabrics may dissolve when in touch with anti-bug spray / cream, so prefer organic fibers such as cotton.

  • 3-5x long sleeves
  • 2-3x long pants
  • 1x thicker layer for the evening
  • 1x rain jacket
  • 1x hiking boots
  • 1x rubber boots for walking in the jungle (after rains the jungle may be really swamped)
  • 7x underwear and fresh sport socks for


  • flashlight and head-lamp for night excursions
  • a sleeping bag inlay to feel more cozy


  • Lots of mosquito No-bite
  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-malaria standby
  • Pain-killer just in case (paracetamol, ibuprofen,…)
  • Tooth brush + tooth paste
  • (Bio-degradable) shampoo and soap
  • Anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer
  • 1 toilet paper just in case


  • Powerbank
  • Phone & Charging cables
  • Camera and sufficient SD cards to fit all your photos

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