Meet Alex: Hard-core Birdwatcher / Peruvian bird expert / Guide

The people you meet on your travels really make your vacation unique and memorable and can give you a personal opinion, view and flavor of the country.

Who is Alex

Alex was our guide for 7 days for the 7D/6N Manu National Park / Reserved Zone trip in Peru.  Originally from Puerto Maldonado and one of more than 10 children in his family, he has always lived close to the jungle and nature. At the age of 14 he got lost in the dense jungle for 6 days almost dying of exhaustion and he has been birdwatching and guiding nature lovers around Peru for more than 15 years.

He seems to know absolutely everyone we meet on our trip in the lodges and in the small towns and has a large pool of anecdotes and stories about life in and around the jungle (including meeting the indigenous communities in the rain forest or his brother who seems to help biologists or nature documentary film makers catch snakes in the Amazon) and of course birds.

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Passion for birdwatching

As of May 2017, he has seen 1735 bird species in Peru. He knows this exactly because he is a dedicated birdwatcher who records his sightings on His own goal for the BIG DAY 2017, a birdwatching event, was to spot 500 species in one day starting at night in the Manu jungle and ending the day late at night in Cusco.

Alex has seen 1735 bird species

He will spot the tiniest and hidden bird from a driving car and help you see the most fantastic jungle creatures through his binoculars and pro-camera.

His dream

His side project and dream is to contribute even more to the conversation of the Amazon rain forest. He wants to build bird-watcher paradise, a small lodge on a few hectares of rain forest near Puerto Maldonado (A hectare to date only costs 1000 USD according to Alex. ). His plans are to plant a number of flowers that attract rare humming birds, may be create a small lake and to build a tree tower to better observe birds.

If you want to meet Alex too or see some of his bird pictures, you can check out his website:

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