Meet Bernabe: Guide for the Inca trail and other treks nearby

The people you meet on your travels really make your vacation unique and memorable and can give you a personal opinion, view and flavor of the country.

Who is Bernabe

Bernabe was our guide for our 4-day Cachicata trek with Llama Path in Peru. Bernabe is originally from Calca, not far from Cusco. Like anyone growing up in the small cities in the region, his mother tongue is Quechua. In high school he then learned Spanish and English and continued to go to university. He is now a guide for attractions and trips from Cusco, in particular for the mountain treks. He is proud of the Inca heritage and is very knowledgeable about traditions, the culture, local plants and challenges of the locals today.

Being a guide in Cusco is definitely not for slackers. Visitors come almost all year round to do trekking in Peru, only in February the paths are officially closed for maintenance. For the remaining year, he will constantly be in the mountains. 4-day trek Cachicata – 1 day in Cusco to wash his clothes – 5 day Inca trail -no day off, because he takes a 1-day tour of the Sacred Valley – 15 day trek – …

With his iPhone and Android tablet he stays connected with friends and family even on the treks or keeps educating himself about history, birds or plants. You will find his tablet full with PDFs that he studies at night.


Bernabe loves the mountains. His biggest dream is to climb Mount Everest one day.

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