Jungle Diary: Day 4

Note: This is day 4 of the 7 day trip to Manu National Park (← Back to  Jungle Day 3 here)

The alarm rings at 4:45am. Like every morning we wake up extremely early to get out when it is not so hot yet and the animals are more active.

It rained and thunder-stormed all night and the air is humid. All our clothes we hung up to dry are still sticky and seem even wetter than last night. We cover ourselves with sunscreen and then a layer of mosquito bite and put on the moist clothes. Discovering the wonders of the jungle is no bed of roses.

We leave our little room to put our hiking boots on that are on the veranda outside. I shake mine and find a giant hairy spider. Philipp just put his shoes on without even thinking about checking them over first. That was the last he did that.


Giant spider that crawled into my shoe

We take the boat down the river. At a seemingly random sandbank we get off and start walking a tiny unmarked path into the forest. We arrive at a little lake. An official sign tells us that this is the home of the giant sea otter and of the largest population of black caimans. We take a little catamaran and paddle over the lake and hear the otters screaming and squeaking in the distance.

Seeing the cute, super-nosy otters swim, play, catch and eat piranhas just a few meters away from the boat and having the whole lake to yourself for observation makes waking up early and constantly being covered in a slimy mix of sweat, sunscreen and mosquito spray worth it after all.

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