Our travel style

We, Stella & Philipp, are two travel-loving engineers / foodies / animal lovers and modern explorers based out of Zurich. One of the joys of our lives is to dream about and plan travels, experience cultures, their food, products and lifestyles and try to understand different world views.

Strapped for travel time

With full time jobs in Switzerland, we are not really strapped for money. We are strapped for travel time. This is why our travels 

  • are super-planned out in advance to make the most out of every trip and vacation day
  • are far away from mass-tourism looking for authenticity to get inspired by completely new perspectives
  •  have a touch of selective splurging to 100% unwind & feel pampered

Particular things we love to do while travelling:

  • take cooking classes wherever we go (because we are just total foodies)
  • commute and travel like a local on as many transport modes as possible (because we are both civil engineers with a specialization in transportation planning)
  • stare at people’s phones on the train to see  which apps are hip in the country (because Stella works at Google)
  • come up with import / export business opportunities, that we then dream about and likely don’t make happen (because we are both ex-startup founders and entrepreneurs at heart)